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Mysore Style Practice

Mysore style yoga practice is named after the city in which Pattabhi Jois learned from his teacher Krishnamacharya. The practice was classically given to individuals as they were ready, one-on-one and the modern Mysore style practice reflects this one-on-one style of teaching.

Students are invited to arrive anytime during our opening hours to practice individually in a group setting, with the guidance and help of the assistants and teachers. The practice is framed by the Ashtanga sequencing but tailored to the individual. The details of breath, posture, and timing are unique, and the needs of each of us are different. Mysore allows for the specific needs of the individual to be considered, whether you are working with health concerns or injury, or simply want a practice that fits your time and energy requirements.

All levels are welcome. New students will be guided step by step, progressing in accordance to their abilities and unique situations. Modifications and alternatives to the traditional sequence may be given at the discretion of the teacher.

Mysore Montreal is an inclusive space. All are welcome!

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