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studio etiquette

  • Sign up and sign in before (not after) practice. Keep the mind clear.

  • Valuables can be left in the studio, there is shelving provided. Make sure to turn off mobile devices.

  • Please bring a small, clean towel to practice

  • Please no personal belongings, water bottles, mat bags etc. beside your mats. Keep the space clear and clean of clutter.

  • Keep clothing, mat and self clean and without perfumes and strong deodorants.

  • Drink water before and after practice - not during.

  • Practice on an empty stomach, at least 2 hours after eating.

  • Make the Instructors aware of any injury, illness or sensitivity.

  • If you don’t want physical adjustments please inform the Instructor.

  • Please follow the sequence without adding or eliminating postures. Variations may be given if the full posture is unavailable for the moment.

  • Do the practice that you have been given. Do not add postures without the guidance of the Instructor.

  • Please refrain from unnecessary conversation during practice.

  • Have respect for yourself, your classmates, your limits and your body/mind.

  • Rest days on new and full moons. No Mysore or Full Primary Series on Moon Days.

  • Please do not enter the room during the Opening Chant.

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